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Delivering excellent car service care, Moto Techno is a well recognized Automotive Repair Workspace. We offer ECM Repair Training and Automotive Diagnostic Workspace to our Trainees with a special significance on engine performance, computer controls and electrical systems troubleshooting. As a leading car service provider company, Moto Techno focuses on offering a wide range of Repair Services such as ECM Repair, EPS Repair along with several other integral aspects which are crucial in the automotive industry market.

Followed with precise procedures, our Workspace is composed of a well knit environment, encouraging our trainees to acquire practical information and training on various Repair Modules. With dedicated and expert manpower, Moto Techno aims at raising hardworking Automotive Mechanics to execute their learning with the best of their abilities.

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Expert Technician

Moto Techno is an automotive repair workstation, composed of a well knit team of technicians. The workspace has a bunch of skilled professionals who are great experts in their field. 

Advanced Level Practical Training

With a special emphasis on Training programmes, Moto Techno ensures relevant, promising and advanced level training which is useful for the candidates. We aim to deliver them with the best and make sure that they practically execute their lessons.

Hi-Tech Tools

It is integral to have a correct set of tools and instruments, while imparting training to students. The trainers at Moto Techno employ the required hi tech tools for a better understanding of the repairing process.

Fast Delivery

Moto Techno is a well knit workstation for preparing and nurturing its students to  implement knowledge in troubleshooting and diagnostics of European cars such as Audi, Mercedes.

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